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With anger to victory

Slovenia gets first win at Division IA

Published 15.08.2018 07:31 GMT+2 | Author Martin Merk
With anger to victory
Photo: Laszlo Mudra - HIIHF
After a disappointing start with two losses Slovenia gave a sign of life with a 4-1 victory against host Hungary in the World Championship Division I Group A.

Slovenia usually won each Division I tournament to get back to the top division and also beat Hungary on the way to success. In men’s World Championship play Slovenia has won all eight encounters since the first one, a 14-2 win in 1993 on home ice in Ljubljana. The last time Hungary won a game against Slovenian players was in 1982, a 5-4 victory in the C-Pool against Yugoslavia.

Before the game there was a minute of silence to remember Slovenia’s former national team player Cveto Pretnar, who passed away. Afterwards the Slovenes converted their anger to high pressure on the Hungarian net where Adam Vay was kept busy with a whopping 24 shots. Once the Slovenes scored and made it a 1-0 first-period lead thanks to Aleksandar Magovac’s goal.

The Hungarian defence had Slovenia much better under control in the middle frame and the team converted its first power play of the period. Balazs Sebok got the puck in the neutral zone, battled his way between Luka Vidmar and Ales Kranjc to beat Gasper Kroselj for the 1-1 tie after 25 minutes.

However, the Slovenes used one of the few good goal opportunities in the period just four minutes later to claim back the lead. Miha Verlic got the puck behind the net and via Bostjan Golicic it came to Jan Urbas, who scored for Slovenia. Later in the period the post saved the Hungarian from being back with a two-goal margin.

Hungary had several good chances in the third period including a post shot from Janos Hari. But then it was the Slovenes who used a blackout to score. Anze Kuralt took Balint Magosi the puck away in a battle in the neutral zone, passed to Bostjan Golicic who made it 3-1 with less than five minutes to play.

Sabahudin Kovacevic sealed the win with over three minutes left when we scored an empty-net marker from the goal line of his own zone for the final score of 4-1.